Ten Lessons Learned with Weaver Leather Supply

What is your name, your leather craft business, and where are you located?

I am Marcus Miller, the Leathercraft Division manager for Weaver Leathercraft. Located in Mt. Hope, Ohio in the heart of Amish country, Weaver Leathercraft is committed to providing supplies, expert tips and project tutorials to help leathercrafters express their creativity.

wl 1

All pictures are taken from, and property of, Weaver Leather’s Instagram

What types of leather tools do you make, or what is your role in the leather craft business?

Weaver Leathercraft is a one-stop shop for all things leathercraft. From beginners to seasoned professionals, everyone will discover an expertly-selected collection of leather hides, tools, hardware, machinery and equipment to meet their needs.

Our line of Master Tools meets our team’s exacting standards for unsurpassed quality and reliable performance. Master Tools machinery and equipment are designed and made at our fabrication shop in Mt. Hope, Ohio and our entire line of Master Tools hand tools are crafted in Ohio by Amish craftsmen. Using the finest materials, skilled American workmanship and finishing touches, Master Tools are handcrafted for quality.

We go beyond offering a vast selection of leathercrafting supplies. We are also a go-to resource for education with a YouTube series of project tutorials geared toward teaching the craft to new leathercrafters as well as our blog’s The Leather Element video series that’s packed with valuable tips, techniques, and tool know-how.

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What purchase of $100 or more has most positively impacted your business in the last six months (or in recent memory)?

We recently started working with Pixlee, allowing us to showcase our customers’ project pictures on our website. The ability to see what other crafters are using in their shops and the items they are creating serve as an inspiration to fellow leathercrafters.

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How has a setback, or seeming setback, set you up for later success with Weaver Leathercraft? Do you have a “favorite failure”?

In 2014, Durkopp Adler discontinued the 205 sewing machine. This was our best-selling machine and it was a major setback since there wasn’t a good replacement for the machine at that time. Instead of just letting it be, our team worked with some of our overseas vendors to develop our own version named the Weaver 205 that is very similar in quality at half the price of the old machine. The Weaver 205 delivers excellent quality at a reasonable price.

wl 4

I’m sure most crafters are aware of your current offerings (leathercrafter tools, patterns, sewing machines, clicker dies, etc). But I’m sure there are a few things you’re working on that are exciting and could share with this community…I’ll leave this purposely open: What’s Weaver Leather Supply working on?

Our team is continually working on expanding our line to make us a leathercrafter’s go-to resource. We have a couple new Master Tools machines in the pipeline right now that will help round out this popular line. A new selection of chrome tanned leathers ideal for bags, purses, chaps and chinks is also on the way in lots of new colors sure to inspire! Also, be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel and blog. We are continuing to partner with leathercrafters to expand our teaching capacity into more and more project categories.

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What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made? (Could be an investment of money, time, energy, etc.)

Adding Chuck Dorsett to the team at Weaver Leathercraft has been a huge part of our success. Chuck’s enthusiasm for leathercraft and his ability to teach and communicate clearly through video tutorials has helped us connect with and inspire fellow leathercrafters. Building trust with our customers is one of our biggest goals and Chuck has helped provide that.

wl 5

The always-enthusiastic Chuck Dorsett

What is one thing you’re proud Weaver Leather Supply does — but would never boast about or put in their marketing?

We take great pride in our positive corporate culture and the treatment of our employees. We view our employees as our greatest asset and place a priority on leadership training and hiring from within for promotions.

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What are some common misconceptions you hear about leather or the leather craft business that you’d like to set straight?

One common misconception is that it’s an expensive hobby. Leathercrafting can be done with hand tools and leather scraps. While we do recommend investing in good quality tools, once you have the basics you can create almost anything.

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What’s a story about Weaver Leather Supply that doesn’t get told enough?

Weaver Leather started out as shoe shop in Fryburg Ohio and later expanded to seven divisions consisting of Equine, Livestock, Pet, Supply, Leathercraft, Arborist, and Custom Manufacturing. The Supply division started out in a chicken coop located on the property of the owner Harry Weaver.

wl 7

This is Weaver Leather’s first employee, Myron Stutzman (right), hired 45 years ago, and who still works with the company! Blog post describing that journey

What is one thing people aren’t fully aware of but you wish understood about tool making? Feel free to be as granular or broad as you want.

Making tools requires a lot of time, testing, adjusting and re-testing to get them just right. Our goal is to sell the best quality products so testing an item to make sure it meets our requirements is of utmost importance.

wl 8

A cool shot from their metal shop

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do? (If helpful: What questions do you ask yourself?)

I start by taking a walk through the facility to clear my head and then ask myself if I am making decisions based off what I want or what’s best for the company? In the end, what am I trying to accomplish? I’m lucky enough to be in contact with some incredible leathercrafters and if I’m stuck on something, I’m able to reach out to them for their advice.

wl 9

The past few videos Corter Leather‘s produced for their Youtube channel have been sponsered by Weaver Leather — a great chance to see what you can make with their products!

Where can people find you and your company? (links to online store, current promotions, blog, twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Black Friday through Cyber Monday 11/23 – 11/26 we will be offering 20% and Free Shipping within the Contiguous US with promo code: GOBBLE.

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